Uniting linguists, literary and translation scholars, the Namur Institute of Language, Text and Transmediality (NaLTT) constitutes a platform for diachronic and synchronic interdisciplinary research into the manifold ways in which different types of (written, spoken and multimodal) communicative practices manifest themselves in, give shape to, are regulated by and reflect culture and society.

Within the field of linguistics NaLLT is home to experts on language attitudes, language contact and conflict, language policy and planning, reported speech and viewpoint, and multimodality. A major distinctive focus within NaLLT is on the corpus-based linguistic study of sign languages in the LSFB Lab.

Within the field of literature NaLLT is home to experts on literary biographies, literary theory, medieval literature, missionary literature, text edition, the sociology of literature and translation theory.

NaLTT offers PhD students a stimulating and supportive research environment, encouraging collaborations between junior and senior researchers and promoting (further) research training.